Senator Gavin Marshall | Labor Senator for Victoria

Gavin and His Team

Senator Gavin Marshall
Gavin Marshall is one of the twelve Senators representing the people of Victoria in the Commonwealth Parliament. Being a Labor Senator enables him to pursue the issues his constituents tell him are important to all Victorians, Australians and the nation as a whole.

Along with his team — Helen McMurtry, Liam Coglin, Fergus Vial and Ged Kearney — he is available to assist individuals and community organisations with a broad range of Federal issues including housing, workers rights, immigration, education and health.

For example, if you are having issues or problems with a Federal government agency like Centrelink, Medicare or the Immigration Department, don’t hesitate to contact Gavin’s office for assistance. He can’t promise to fix every problem, however Gavin and his team will endeavour to assist you in whichever way they can – they’re here to help.

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